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TeaTree - Tallow Soap.

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Artisan handmade tallow soap.

All natural and great for sensitive skin! This tallow soap uses multi rendered grass fed sheep fat and is carefully melted down into tallow and created into soap. The only bar of its kind combining both the gentle properties of sheep tallow and the fresh exfoliating properties of TeaTree botanicals.

This tallow soap smells fresh like the Australian bush. With the added botanicals this soap cleans AND exfoliates.  So gentle that it is suitable as a Face AND body bar.

100% multi rendered  Sheep Tallow), Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Purified Water, TeaTree Essential oil and botanicals
(PUFA free, Palm oil free, Paraben free, Sulphate free, Petrochemical free, SLS & ALS free, Propylene Glycol free, Triclosan free, EDTA free and free of harsh detergents!)
Each bar weighs approximately 100g, but as it is hand-cut the shape and appearance may be irregular.

 NON PUFA Skincare Australia

Please contact us for bulk wholesale orders of soap.

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