The journey from tradition to today…it started with tallow

Delizia, Founder and CEO of Delizia Naturally. Handmade soap and skincare products made from natural and repurposed ingredients, encouraging zero waste living. Made with care in Australia. Tallow is used in most of our products!

Delizia Naturally is a multi-generational, multi-product business making tallow products and more.

From the remote mountains of Italy, my grandmothers made soap from left-over lard (animal fat/tallow) and olive oil.

Inspired by the need to be creative and self-sufficient, the process I use originates from an era where nothing was wasted and there was an innate respect for end-to-end produce.

My ancestors blended large quantities of lard, used olive oil and sodium carbonate. This mixture took the form of soap. Families would gather together in village and make the soap collectively. The soap was then left to cure and then shared throughout the village for those who contributed to the production.

In Australia I continue this legacy, harnessing my ancestors knowledge in unison with my own research. I use the least amount of ingredients needed to create my products, as I believe that your skin does not need to process unnecessary chemicals.

We do not store any of our products in plastic, nor do we use plastic in our packaging.

We make various types of soap and skincare products. We use the very best grass-fed organic tallow from regenerative farms (tallow is our main ingredient!); organic and fair trade coconut oil; and we have even created a special soap range using repurposed cooking oil.

We are a leader in the manufacture of non PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) soap and skincare in Australia.


Handmade in Australia.

Delizia Naturally is Natural, Responsible, Australian.