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Workshop: Group lesson

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Soap making workshop - restarting in 2025 - hopefully in our new Workshop/Lab.

Making soap with repurposed cooking oil. Join the zero waste revolution and learn how to make soap from repurposed cooking oil/tallow.

    Please join us for a face-to-face group workshop.

    Book now, to reserve your spot - spaces are limited to 10 participants, with a minimum of five people required for the workshop to be held.







    This includes payment for the instruction on how to make soap, and tips and tricks we have learned along the way. It also includes safety gloves, some select ingredients and other materials and equipment required to make your soap.

    Please bring:
    • Your used cooking oil (no more than 450mls). This equates to approximately 414grams. We will use grams as a base measurement throughout the workshop.(Some participants do not have this amount of used cooking oil already at home. While the purpose of the workshop is to encourage people to know how to make used cooking oil into soap we realise this is not always possible on the day and so some participants bring new oil they have purchased. For this reason you will need to weigh your oils on the day - scales will be provided so that we can know the exact quantity of oil in grams.)
    • 20grams (approx 20mls) minimum of any essential oils you want to mix into your soap. Suggestions include: Eucalyptus, TeaTree, Orange etc. Or any essential oil you have already at home or want to bring. If you are unsure of the suitability of the essential oil. Please email us at
    • A face mask.
    • Safety glasses/goggles.
    **Safety - participants are to wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed in shoes, with long hair tied back.
    *Note - this event is not suitable for small children to be present. We deal with an ingredient called Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) to make soap and it is extremely corrosive and will need the utmost care and focus when dealing with this.  It is wisest if children are not present during the workshop to prevent any accidents.
    • Tallow Soap Making - making soap from animal fat (coming soon).

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    Two types of workshops will be available:
    • one-on-one workshops online.
    • face-to-face group workshops in a physical location.