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NEW! Sun-Day - A tallow and zinc moisturising skin care cream for humans on sunny days.

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Human cosmetic moisturising cream for sunny days. This is not at all 'suncream', after all why does the sun need cream? You couldn't get close enough to apply it. This is  a moisturising tallow and zinc skin care product and has tallow and non-nano zinc oxide as a base.

Ingredients have been carefully selected for their non-comedogenic properties (will not clog pores). This is a mineral cream without any added chemicals. (Can also be used as a barrier cream for nappy rash).

SPF 15 -30 (approximate, based on % of Zinc Oxide)

Grass Fed Beef Tallow
Non Nano Zinc Oxide
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
(Tinted available)


NOTE: This cream has not been clinically tested by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) or the US FDA, as its primary use is only cosmetic. We make no official claims to protect, cure, treat or completely heal any skin ailments. Nor do we claim that this product contains a government clinically verified Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating. The rating is approximate. Please wear a TGA verified Primary Sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and if you are at all concerned.  Please enjoy the sun responsibly.

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Customer Reviews

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Rosa Kazemi
Great customer service

Great customer service

Thank you very much.

Excellent for nappy rash

I use this for nappy rash and it's amazing. I only need to use the tiniest amount. We have had reactions in the past to sudocream and other zinc products so this is a huge relief that we don't get a skin reaction or irritation. I also use on face also and it's awesome.

Thnak you so much, and so very glad your baby is benefitting!