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Breast Milk Soap - Mother's Milk - Baby soap - from their mother's breast milk - 1 Kg worth of soap. (No essential oils added)

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 Mother's Milk - Baby's Soap

Made to order.

It may sound strange at first, but a mother's milk that is no longer good for the baby to drink can be made into soap for the baby. Sometimes if milk is passed its used by date or has been thawed and refrozen a few times and you are about to dispose of it. Stop! Did you know that here at Delizia Naturally we can make it into soap?

All natural and great for baby's skin! NO Essential oils/Fragrance is contained in this tallow soap. This soap is made with the gentlest of tallow. Grass-fed, regeneratively farmed and multi-rendered sheep tallow and of course mother's milk.

What form will my soap take?

Your soap can be made in either individual blocks cut from a full loaf mould or animal or flower shaped moulds. The volume of soap made will last you from 6 -12 months for your baby. This soap is shelf stable and will last for years. It can even be used for your baby as they grow.

How do I place my order?

Mother's Milk - Baby Soap is a pre-order item only and the milk will need to be posted to our soap lab before we can start making the soap. Please email us or post a note in the comments of the quantity of milk you will be supplying. We will work with you closely and we will make over 1kg of soap for you. The soap will need 4-6 weeks to cure. We will cure this in our facility before sending you your fully packaged order.

How do I get the milk to you?

We ask you to send your milk to us well insulated and via Express Post - so that it can stay cold as long as possible. We will then weigh your milk and carefully formulate your soap.


Ingredients: (3 ingredients only)

  1. 100% multi rendered grass fed Sheep Tallow,

  2. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide),

  3. Mother's breast milk. 

  4. (Natural botanicals or essential oils can be added upon request)


Choose from a complimentary soap saver bag or a soap rest to go with your order!

(PUFA free, Palm oil free, Paraben free, Sulphate free, Petrochemical free, SLS & ALS free, Propylene Glycol free, Triclosan free, EDTA free and free of harsh detergents!)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
milky, nice and great breastmilk soap!

Thank you so much for making these for me out of my breastmilk, it could have been all gone to waste.
the soaps are lovely

It was such an honour to make the soap for you and your baby. Thank you for your patience and good nature while waiting for your soap.

This soap is so gentle and I can see the difference in by baby's skin

I had some old breast milk in the freezer that i couldn't use so I sent it to Delizia Naturally and they made a bath soap for my little one out of it.
It is brilliant. My baby has very sensitive skin and I've been prescribed all sorts of topical creams including steroids. The mothers milk soap is so gentle on skin and I'm also never concerned if they ingest a bit of bath water as the soap is all natural.
I do recommend adding oats in a stocking to the the water also or perhaps ask if they do breast milk and oat soap. I have found that working in combo, my baby's skin is more hydrated, smoother and less dry and bumpy.

You're very welcome. So glad that the breast milk was used to make soap for your baby.