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Lippy Lips - Lip Balm.

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Nourish your Lips with Lippy Lips. 

Whatever we put on our lips we inevitably end up eating. Wouldn’t it be good to know that your lip balm contains ingredients safe enough to eat?

There is no need for your lip balm to be stored in a plastic tube. Lippy Lips is stored in 100% recyclable / biodegradable containers.


Our new variety of lip balm with Peppermint oil in a cardboard tube. (still only 4 ingredients):

                                                       1. Cocoa Butter
                                                       2. Coconut Oil
                                                       3. Candelilla Wax
         4. Peppermint Essential Oil

Lippy Lips original (in a tin) boasts only four ingredients (No essential oils) and is safe for the whole family!

1. Cocoa Butter
2. Coconut Oil
3. Bees Wax
4. Sweet Almond Oil
                                                       5. MCT Coconut Oil (winter only April-August)


(in the winter months this lip balm includes MCT coconut oil)


 NON PUFA Skincare Australia

Net weight 15grams


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Little pot of gold

Smells delicious and is so instantly nourishing for dry chapped lips. Also great to use on dry skin elsewhere, I used this on a little psoriasis flare up on my scalp too.

Thank you Brooke, wow, many uses for this 'pot of gold'. Thanks for the tip, I'll be sharing this with others.


Lippy lips has proven to be a quick solution for persistently dry and cracked lips. Within a few days of using this product, my son’s lips were once again hydrated and soft - no flakiness in sight. The lovely peppermint scent makes your lips tingle and feel refreshed - such a luscious lip balm!!

Thank you so much for your review of our Lippy Lips. It certainly is a crowd favourite! especially for youngsters.

Read my lips!

I can't seal my lips on this one and have to share that Lippy Lips is one of my favourite lip balms! Gone are the days of flaky lips and hello moisturised and hydrated lips. It's part of my morning and night time skin routine, with the smell giving my a refreshing burst in the morning and a calming scent at night.

Thank you so much! We love making products that are nourishing, good for you and safe!

Marion L
Lippy Lips

This little pot of lippy lips is very moisturising with no nasty additives and is so handy to carry around in your bag. You will love it too.


Love love love this product better than any lip balm I have had in the past