How to render fat into Tallow

To 'render' means to melt fat down to liquid form. 

Rendering fat into tallow is a laborious and intensive job.

It is well worth the effort when it is the hero ingredient in soap and cosmetic products. At Delizia Naturally we triple render ALL our Tallow. What does this mean?

It means that we melt the fat three times with water in order to purify and separate the fat from any impurities. In this way the fat is solid, clean, and pure, and ready to use in our Soap and cosmetics.

Watch a series of three videos to see how we render fat three times.

 Render 1: Fat into Tallow:

 Render 2: Fat into Tallow:

 Render 3: Fat into Tallow:

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*Thank you for your interest from South Africa Estelle!

*Tim, thank you for your comment/question. I would continue to render, in truth I actually render more than three times now. Try the first time with salt and water then subsequent times just with water. Yes if you have game-i-ness, it will reduce with saponification and with a low superfat, around 4%.


More of a question, I am using sheep fat from a farm. I have rendered the first time like you have in your video and two additional renders. The tallow smells a little gamely, any tips on removing, or will it diminish during saponification?


Thank you so much for sharing your sheep tallow ideas and recipes.

Much love from
South Africa


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