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Vanil-Laura REBOOTED! Tallow Moisturiser, ready, whipped and luscious. (No essential oils added).

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Here it is: It's been a while for us to work this one out, the re-formulating process can take a long time, sorry it's been a year or two. (Originally made with Sheep Tallow, this moisturiser is now made with Beef Tallow). Did you know that Vanilla Bean is the second most expensive spice in the world, second to Saffron.

The ratio of pure organic vanilla to grass fed organic beef tallow has been carefully adjusted to ensure the moisturiser smells like vanilla, while still retaining all of the benefits of the 100% beef tallow. There are no essential oils added, this balm is completely safe and uses food grade ingredients, what does that mean? It's so safe, it's safe enough to eat!

This means it's safe enough for babies, animals and the whole family really! Like all of our products, there are no synthetics, no additives and nothing fake in this tallow moisturiser.

Did you know this tallow moisturiser is a great all rounder? Head to toe moisturising, including use as a lip balm and deodorant!


  • Grass fed, beef tallow (packed with skin nutrients! organic and regeneratively farmed).

  • Organic vanilla (antioxidants, acne, B-vitamins).

  • Organic liquorice plant (anti-inflammatory and skin brightening, may reduce dark spots).

  • Arrowroot powder (helps in treating rashes, sores, wounds and blemishes. The vitamins and proteins in the powder can help get rid of skin pigmentation, blemishes or irritation).

    (While every effort has been taken to filter the natural and botanical ingredients from this product, there may be a few small black vanilla bean dots in the mixture. This proves that we only use the best raw vanilla bean pods we can get our hands on.) 

So natural it's edible! There is no risk of a child or even an adult accidentally eating this tallow moisturiser.

This tallow moisturiser does not contain any alcohol or water derived extracts nor does it contain gluconolactone or sodium benzoate.

(Only Tallow - PUFA free, Palm oil free, Paraben free, Sulphate free, Petrochemical free, SLS & ALS free, Propylene Glycol free, Triclosan free, EDTA free and free of harsh detergents!)

 NON PUFA Skincare Australia

Net weight 63grams / 180grams

Please note, if you order an extra large jar, allow a seven day period for your order to be made fresh.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Can’t go wrong

I love this cream. I’ve used every brand known to man including high end and I can tell they in no way are any better than this. This product is very moisturising with a lovely mild fragrance. This gets me through the winter and is fine for summer too. I recommend this cream if you just want one product that’s natural and non offensive and keeps your skin nicely moisturised. No cream gets rid of wrinkles, you can only do your best to hydrate and protect and I’m happy this product does both nicely.

Thank you Ruth, I am so glad this cream suits your skin and that you like it. It's my new favourite too. I just can't keep it in stock long enough, it sells out so quickly. I so appreciate you taking the time to write a review for me. I am so honoured when customers do this. Thank you again for your patronage, loyalty and kind words.

Belinda Hotere
beautiful cream will def re-purchase

I love this face cream, the vanilla is beautiful and its so nice and moisturising

Thank you Belinda. We are so glad this is working for you. It took us a little while to perfect this formula and we are so glad that we perfected it.

fantastic product

Feels great on the skin, even makes beard feel healthier and stronger. Mainly got for my partner and she loves it. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your support


Caveat - I've just received the VanilLaura, so have only used it once. But there are some things that are evident from the start. 5 stars to the aroma. Though I like to cook with it - I usually can't stand things that are 'scented' with Vanilla. Delizia has done a great job balancing against the tallow. The vanilla is subtle and smells like the real deal. 5 stars to the texture - beautiful. 5 stars for being economical. On my skin anyway, a very little goes a long way. A very good first impression.

Amazing product

The Vanil-Laura moisturiser is such a beautiful product! I have been using this as a deodorant as well and have been looking for a natural deodorant for a while with no success - until I tried Vanil-Laura. I have zero odour even after sweaty workouts, all I can smell is Vanilla, it’s wonderful!!
I’m so happy I found Delizia’s products and I know my skin will be thanking me from now on, thank you for making such beautiful products :-)

Thank you so much for your review! Yes this product is a great head-to-toe all rounder. Great for face and body moisturising, deodorant, lip balm, safe enough for babies and pets, and like all of our tallow products even great as after sun treatment for sunburn. So glad you have found a beautiful product.