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Soap Drying Rest/Rack - to help keep your soap dry.

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Made in Australia and designed to dry your soap in-between uses.

Handmade soap is different from commercially purchased soap. It has a higher percentage of glycerine. At Delizia Naturally all of our soap is handmade from scratch and all of our soap contains natural glycerine.

Glycerine is a natural by-product when making handmade soap. Glycerine is excellent for your skin and you will find it moistures and lathers. You may start to see a transparent gel on your soap after some time, this is the natural glycerine making its way to the surface. Glycerine is removed from commercial soap and used for other cosmetic products.

This soap drying rack helps to keep your soap dry between uses.

Made from wood.

Tallow Soap sold separately



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Handy product, very useful for draining water from the soap.

Thank you, we love it and use it too!