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Shaving Brush - Wooden - Back in stock!

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Wooden shaving brush

Made with wood and badger hair, we do not sell products made with synthetic bristles.

(wood colour may vary depending on availability of timber).

Encouraging the old fashioned way to shave. This wooden shave brush complements the Delizia Naturally Sharp Shave solid soap puck, this shave brush ensures you can work up a fluffy lather by adding water to the brush and rubbing it on the soap puck in the tin, then apply this to your face using the loaded brush in a circular motion.

Reapply as much shave soap as you like before shaving your face. The shaving bar, does not have extra water added, so it will last much longer than store bought gels and foams. Sharp Shave contains Shea Butter, through a special process, so you can expect a close, clean shave with a smooth drag.

Sharp Shave - in a tin is sold separately

Customer Reviews

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Good quality natural product, works well when applying my shaving cream.

Thank you, so glad you like it. Very handy