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Men's Gift Pack Trio #1

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This Useful and zero-waste gift pack includes:

1. Sharp Shave Bar complete with a tin. It’s time to look sharp with this all natural soap shaving bar. Sharp Shave comes in it’s own tin for convenience (valued at $10.00) so you can lather it up with a shave brush directly in the tin. This shaving bar, does not have extra water added, so it will last much longer than store bought gels and foams. With added Shea Butter, through a special process, you can expect a close, clean shave with a smooth drag. For both men and women! Well, why not?

2. Discounted wooden shaving brush (normally retailing at $12.95).

3. Shampoo in a bar. (Choose your type below). Ready to replace your plastic bottle of Shampoo? This bar of soap is specially designed to shampoo your hair. It is handmade, and replaces your shampoo in a plastic bottle! How: Just lather it up in your hands and rub into your hair. I like to rub the soap directly on my hair and create a rich lather. Want to know a secret? I even use this for my body, so it’s really a two in one bar. It will last much longer than your shampoo in a bottle as it is a solid bar and is not made from mostly water like bottled shampoo.